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Dowsinss/ducd altnss: Sinc clomipamin may caus dowsinss, spcially at th bginning tatmnt, b caul whn ngaging in activitis quiing mntal altnss, judgmnt, and physical coodination such as diving opating machiny.

Sizus symptoms a sv allgic action (.g., swlling ac and tongu, diiculty bathing, hivs)

Hat disas: Popl wha at isk hat attack stok may b mlikly txpinc hat poblms whn taking clomipamin. I you hav bn told that you hav an incasd isk hat attack stok, discuss with you docthow this mdication may act you mdical condition, how you mdical condition may act th dosing and ctivnss this mdication, and whth any spcial monitoing is ndd.

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